The Story

Puerto Rico is my childhood, it is my home, and it is where many of my friends and family live today. Words cannot describe how it felt to see it destroyed beyond recognition by Hurricane Maria.

Much of our public health and power infrastructure was destroyed by the storm itself and continued to degrade in the aftermath due to ongoing floods. The damage is historic - worse than we feared - and the full extent of it has yet to be measured.

Over the last year, we’ve established a network of builders, land-owners, and financing companies to create a program that will put Puerto Rican families back into homes. We are focusing on very specific, hard-hit towns that are not getting the same aid that some of the major towns are getting. We’re focused not only on housing, but also on working families - especially those with young children - who are not getting enough support to get back on their feet.

It has been an incredible and heartwarming process to see the reactions of the people we’re going to help, and it is all thanks to you and your generous contributions. I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Follow me on social media for updates as they unfold. Let's continue to show our friends, family members, and fellow citizens in Puerto Rico that even though we’re miles apart, we will stand together.

Ric Elias

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